Welcome to PetRock - Memorials for your Pets

The PetRock is a fresh idea that offers an alternative to the traditional methods of grave marking or the interment of your cremated pet remains. Personalised pet memorials for your loved ones are a wonderful way to commemorate the lives of those who gave us so much love and companionship.

Our PetRock provides a long-lasting memento of your deceased pet. With natural looking rocks, PetRock is functional and compliments any garden setting, whether at your home as a beautiful pet memorial or in a Pet Cemetery used as a traditional grave marker.

As the PetRock is also hollow it provides space for treasured toys or other mementos that you might want to place with your pet.

PetRock Personalised Pet Memorials are...

  • Long lasting
    - The Petrock is made from bonded concrete and resin
  • Versatile
    - Comes in a variety of colours
  • Portable
    - Can move with you if you relocate
  • Functional
    - Caters for placement of memorabilia
  • Beautiful
    - compliments any garden setting